Intel® industrial iot workshop


UMass Lowell Innovation Hub

April 26 - 27, 2018

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

2-Day Workshop


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In this Intel® Industrial IoT Workshop you will learn through a combination of lectures, demos and hands-on exercises the standards and technologies that Intel uses to integrate industry and Internet to extract new value from Industry 4.0 processes.  

Topics covered include an introduction to the concepts of cyber-physical modeling, industrial standards in real-time communications protocols, sensors, automation,  security, and analytics.  We will discuss deployment in both greenfield and brownfield deployments.

We will also lay the foundations of how next generation computer vision systems and deep learning will continue to improve worker safety, reduce downtimes and product defects and provide new revenue streams and increased ROI through real time data. 

Goals of this workshop include clearing the IoT confusion created by the highly fragmented IIoT market, provide a big picture view of the value of Industrial IoT and introduce Intel IoT technologies that allow the creation of next generation business processes. Based on overwhelmingly positive participant feedback, we trust that you will receive technical value with immediate application to your IoT endeavor.


Target audience: CTOs, CIOs, Senior BDMs, software developers, IoT architects, data scientists, business process engineers, business technology solutions specialists and individuals focused and/or interested in industrial IoT.


What we will provide:

  • Intel will provide the necessary hardware and software for the workshop.
  • Please bring your own Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop with at least two USB Ports.




Modules covered will include:


1. Software Defined Industrial Systems: Sensors and Data Modeling


2. Software Defined Industrial Systems: Protocols


3. Software Defined Industrial Systems: Automation


4. Security for IIoT


5. Computer Vision Systems







I-Hub UMASS Lowell,

110 Canal St.

Lowell, MA 01852




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Stewart Christie



Stewart Christie is a Technical Evangelist for Intel’s Developer Relations Division. He is responsible for running workshops, creating content, and supporting the developer community in the Internet of Things environment. He is skilled in developing applications that interface hardware with cloud analytics across a wide range of topics including computer vision, robotics, and language processing.  

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